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We are currently searching for a volunteer p/t female Creative Director. We will try and find one during the Moniker Art Fair Oct 2019 London. We are seeking a creative female aged 18-50 with experience of the arts, media, events, with an unfulfilled, or as yet unexpressed desire and passion to provide a professional creative ideas/events focus, while able to interact, listen, share experiences, in a creatively fluid, informal, relaxed way with a multitude of diverse creative individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences, including named artists and organisations. Although creative life experiences, background, education and talent are ideal core key elements we seek; our members, learned experiences, and events over the past 20 years have shown us that sometimes it may just be about the personality of the person we seek, the perfect person, or imperfect person at the right time. Simply put, The Creativity Party, and other projects, plans, ideas etc. Seek a female Creative Director who has the CAT - Community Available Time to spend an hour or two once/twice a month to meet various creative people, or visit projects, and share their creative time to mediate, speak to journalists, the press, TV, media, and help out for a few hours a month when free and available, in a very voluntary, casual creative flexible social art way. Ultimately, you will be creatively supported from day l, event 1, and given as much time and support to settle into a role that you must make, create, and shape as your own. Any area of the arts that you feelpst comfortable in, is where we hope you can be supported to excel. So if you are a creative female looking for a creative challenge over the next 3 years, we look forward to meeting you,supporting and listening to you, and being INSPIRED by you.

No role, paid or voluntary can be held for more than 3 years: There is a tendency for people to become to entrenched, too rigid, too dictatorial after 3 years. So after 3 years maximum. Every person who holds a senior executive/non-executive role moves on to greater and better experiences. This enables younger and more inexperienced creative talent to gain access to these roles/jobs and share or recreate their new visons, and ideas of the future. This method allows The Creativity Party to remain art fresh, unencumbered by elitism, gender, university background,contacts, family etc. So if you want a creative role/title in the Creativity Party for 3 years, there is nothing stopping you. Volunteer, and help Make/shape/create The Creativity Party as you feel it should be. And then move on, and let youth get involved in the next generation of ideas.


The Creativity Party is a non-profit community centred organic process of socially engaged art practices and events. The elemental process of The Creativity Party cannot be rushed or forced by the creative whims or imaginative ego-art flights by any single artist, creative individual, or person regardless of age, ethnicity, experience, status, wealth, or education. Any Creativity must be allowed to unfurl itself through the fullness of Community Available Time, and its own organic manifestation of social art processes involving all aspects of Creativity, Community, and Consciousness of We The People.


Our Definition of The Creative process

"My definition of the creative process is that it is the emergence in action of a novel relational product, growing out the uniqueness of the individual on one hand, and the materials, events, people, or circumstances of life on the other."

(C.R.Rogers; Towards A Theory of Creativity 1954)

The Creativity Party (Further Notes)

The Creativity Party is a Community centred organic process of socially engaged art. Our social philosophy of the arts is based upon an original post graduate theoretical synthesis of applied creativity and community that has been tried and truly tested over the past 20 years in Birmingham, Manchester, and London since 1999.

We welcome feedback, participation, ideas, and creative contributions by anyone who wishes to contribute to this organic social process of all the arts.

At this point in time we are focused on attending The Moniker Art Fair in Oct.2019 as a creative gathering point to meet, talk with, and creatively interact with people who are willing to collaborate with us in an open minded, flexible, social art process to organise, facilitate, produce, and P.Art.icipate in creative social art events to help raise awareness for an East London Community Centre that is open to all religious faiths and creative projects involving mental health issues and the arts.

Harmony Hall in Walthstow will cease to exist unless the creatives of London come together and help them raise £1 Million pound to purchase the land and building from the Landlord. There is a small book called the Miracle of Art. If just 200,000 creative minded people amongst the 10 Million people in London donate £5 each, we the people would save Harmony Harmony in a single day; however unlikely it seems; We believe that when you draw upon the creativity of all the the people, anything is possible, even what seems like creative miracles! If you are interested in helping to create and keep Community Harmony,in a time of great political and social divisiveness, remember, you can change the World. The Creativity P.Art.y needs you, and Harmony Hall needs all of us.

Members of The Creativity Party will be attending The Moniker Art Fair Oct.2019. Our aim is simple, raise creative social art awareness of Harmony Halls' existential plight, and put all our creative London talents and experiences at their disposal to raise this impossible Million Pound they desperately need, or face extinction. Contact us if you wish to in this community centered, social art miracle.

The Creativity Manifesto 2019


Contact: Creative Producer David Augustine

Mobile: 07763464071

Email: | London
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